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KaHO INDIA is India's first Integrated Education Platform which brings together all of the learning environments that are part of the child’s world, and truly unlocks the amazing potential within the child.
KaHO INDIA is unique in its use of contextual information and analytics to heighten effective communication and produce actionable insights.


Actionable insights that will tell you what you can do to


Equally in your child's education and overall development


Know when and how to encourage your child


Your child exactly when needed to maximize their success in school


How much your school is doing for your child's development and where your child is excelling.


  • Helps improve your school’s reputation for transparency and innovation
  • Helps build effective communication and appreciation
    • Allows parents to understand and appreciate the school’s efforts and contributions in the overall development of their child
    • Receive optimal feedback on issues which are most critical for schools
  • Maximize the school's performance by extending the school’s learning environment to the home
    • KaHO’s unique PEA (Participate-Encourage-Assist) Approach
  • Demonstrate to parents how well the school contributes to the child's development
  • Reduce parent complaints by 90 percent


KaHO Playground

A supplemental learning platform for your school

KaHO Engagement

A unique approach to maximizing results and participation of stakeholders

Lets Talk

An intuitive and simplified approach to secure stakeholder communications .

KaHO Points

A fun and unique rewards platform to measure teacher actions, efforts and encourage their performance .
Reward teachers or create incentives for teachers to perform to their full potential

Teacher Performance

Understand how well each teacher is doing and contributing to students and school success

Student Performance

Obtain 360o view of each student and incredible student insights for their guaranteed progress

and tons of other features


KaHO INDIA is based on a proprietary contextual intelligence platform. KaHO INDIA continually analyzes stakeholder data to provide deeper understanding and actionable insights for each stakeholder.

About us

KaHO ('ka-ho') in Hindi means to "speak up" implying that we are listening. And, we listened to parents from different parts of the world - from India to USA - educators, teachers, school management, and policy makers on what it means to care for their children. We gathered their concerns, frustrations and thoughts on how to fulfil everyone's expectations while making our children happy and highly successful.

Then, we put together a team of dreamers, thinkers and doers, to create KaHO INDIA - India's first Integrated Education Platform. KaHO engages all the stakeholders together on one platform to make them equal partners in supporting their children's learning.

Go ahead and try KaHO INDIA. We are always listening.

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